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What do I do if a child’s tooth gets knocked out?

What do I do if a child’s tooth gets knocked out?

Dear Dr. Beasley,

My energetic young son has had several minor accidents and I worry about him damaging one of his teeth.  What can I do?

A dental emergency can be traumatic due to the likelihood of blood and anxiety.  Knowing what to do when a tooth is knocked out is critical, because it can usually be saved.  Baby teeth are important because they prevent future crowding and aid in the development of speech.  If a tooth is knocked out, place the tooth back in the mouth and secure with a wet wrap.  If this is not possible or there is a chance the child may swallow the tooth, then place it in a cup of milk or saliva, not water, and get to the dentist immediately.  A chipped tooth is not an emergency and a dentist appointment can be made at your convenience.  However, if your child is experiencing severe or lingering pain, call us immediately, as pain could indicate nerve involvement.